Intelligent IoT (iIOT) the 3rd Platform – the rise of AI 智慧网际网络第三平台–人工智能崛起

  • 2019-06-21
  • RulingDigital

Intelligent IoT (iIOT) the 3rd Platform – the rise of AI


IBM中心特别邀请到IBM TJ Watson Research CenterDr. Shu-Ping Chang前来为我们演讲,欢迎有兴趣的老师与同学免费报名参加!





五、讲        者:Dr. Shu-Ping ChangIBM TJ Watson Research Center


        主办单位:教育部以5G AI 为架构之下世代物联网盟中心


        科技部智慧滞空飞行无人机: 基地台通讯暨网络技术(PAIR中心)




Due to progress of Information Technologies, we are now handling Big Data as common case. However, IoT solutions that work for billions of devices won’t necessarily scale to hundreds of billions of devices. The hot topic of the recent rising of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought new question of its impacts and influences.

Is AI a necessity as human society progress or just a pure scientific interest? By considering the industrial trends and technologies advancement, we wish to shed some light into this field and its potential directions. Most importantly, what does AI development really means in its essence?!



Dr. Chang has a Ph.D. in Computer and Information Sciences from University of Minnesota with special focus in Computer Communication and System. He has a Master of Science degree from University of Minnesota with major in Computer and Information Sciences and minor in Electrical Engineering. His master project is in the field of Computer Vision. He also has a Bachelor of Sciences degree, first place honor, from National Chiao-Tung University, Republic of China, in Communication Engineering.

Dr. Shu-Ping Chang works at AI First, T.J. Watson Research Center as a software development manager for the IBM System S (Streams) Laboratory, a cluster for distributed computing research and development. IBM System S project, the base of IBM Big Data product IBM Streams, uses streams processing architecture for massive information computing and management as decision making support.

His primary function is System S Laboratory management, prototype systems development and cluster system administration automation especially in faults management. Dr. Chang has more than 25 years research and product development experiences in the Computer and Information technology arena. He has broad and in-depth knowledge in computer system hardware architecture and software structure in Big Data platforms and prototype research and development, computer communication, relational database, internet-based solutions and cloud computing.