Category Research Lab
Subject Mixed-Signal Circuit Lab
Venue EE 918
Professor Su, Chau-Chin
Facility Sun Blade 2000 Workstation Sun Blade 2500 Workstation 34401A Digital Multimeter, 6.5 Digit E3610A 30 W Power Supply, 8V, 3A or 15V, 2A E3630A 35 W Triple Output, 6V, 2.5A & ±20V, 0.5A 33220A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 20 MHz 33250A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 80 MHz 81130A Pulse Data Generator, 400/660 MHz / 1.32Gbit/s 54831D 4+16-Channel, 600 MHz Mixed-Signal Infiniium Oscilloscope 54832D 4+16-Channel, 1 GHz Mixed-Signal Infiniium Oscilloscope 86100B Infiniium DCA Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope 54754A Differential TDR/TDT Plug-In Module 86112A Dual Electrical 20 GHz Plug-In Module 16702B Logic Analysis System 16720A 300 M Vector/Sec Pattern Generator Module E4440A PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer, 3 Hz - 26 GHz E5071B ENA RF Network Analyzer, 300 kHz to 8.5 GHz 2400 General-Purpose SourceMeter w/ Measurements(up to 200V and 1A, 20W Power Output)
Research Direction Analog IC Design High Speed Transceiver Clock Synchronization Analog / Digital IC Testing Design for Test