Category Research Lab
Subject RTES Lab
Venue EE 913
Professor Huang, Yu-Lun
Facility Server Personal computer ZigBee PXA270 HTC Desire HTC Magic iPhone MacBook Pro NAS Wireless LAN router
Research Direction RTES Lab is a new laboratory established on July 4th, 2004. The lab primarily focuses on the researches of embedded and real-time operating systems, network security, software obfuscation, voice-over-IP, network quality, etc. Headed by Professor Yu-Lun Huang, who expertizes in embedded software design and has years of practical experiences in the embedded industry, RTES lab members have been growing to more than ten members in the past two years. The lab equips with several desktop and laptop computers, evaluation boards with various embedded processors, Bluetooth development SDK, FPGAs, ZigBee, RFID EV boards, logical analyzers and oscillators. You are welcome to visit our laboratory and enjoy a trip to the world of embedded systems.