Year 2015
Authors Chiou, Jin-Chern
Paper Title Chen W.-M., Chiueh H., Chen T.-J., Ho C.-L., Jeng C., Chang S.-T., Ker M.-D., Lin C.-Y., Huang Y.-C., Fan T.-Y., Cheng M.-S., Chou C.-W., Liang S.-F., Chien T.-C., Wu S.-Y., Wang Y.-L., Shaw F.-Z., Huang Y.-H., Yang C.-H., Chiou J.-C., Chang C.-W., Chou L.-C., and Wu C.-Y. “A fully-integrated 8-channel closed-loop neural prosthetic SoC for real-time epileptic seizure control,ISSCC 2013 Distinguished-Technical-Paper Award & ISSCC 2013 Demonstration Session Certificate of Recognition, 2014 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), San Francisco, CA, Feb. 9-13, 2014
Date of Publication 2015-06-12