Year 2012
Authors Chen, Ke-Horng ,Wen-Shen Chou, Tzu-Chi Huang, Yu-Huei Lee, Yao-Yi Yang, Yi-Ping Su, Ke-Horng Chen, Chen-Chih Huang, and Ying-Hsi Lin, Chao-Cheng Lee, Kuei-Ann Wen, Ying-Chih Hsu, Yung-Chow Peng, and Fu-Lung Hsueh
Paper Title An Embedded Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) System through 55nm Single-Inductor Dual-Output (SIDO) Switching Converter for 12-bit Video Digital-to-Analog Converter
Journal Title IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits
Vol.No Vol. 47
Issue.No Issue 7
Page(s) 1568-1584
Language English