Year 2017
Authors Chi, Tai-Shih
Paper Title X.-H. Qian, Y.-C. Wu, T.-Y. Yang, C.-H. Cheng, H.-C. Chu, W.-H. Cheng, T.-Y. Yen,T.-H. Lin, Y.-J. Lin, Y.-C. Lee, J.-H. Chang, S.-T. Lin, S.-H. Li, T.-C. Wu, C.-C. Huang, C.-F. Lee, C.-H. Yang, C.-C. Hung, T.-S. Chi, C.-H. Liu, M.-D. Ker, and C.-Y. Wu, “A Bone-Guided Cochlear Implant CMOS Microsystem Preserving Acoustic Hearing,” Proc. Int. Symposium on VLSI Circuits (VLSI Circuits), pp. C46-C47, 2017.
Date of Publication 2017-06-01
Language Chinese