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2019 40-61, Sep. 2019
2018 宋開泰,「智慧機器人控制實驗」(C語言),2018/9/1, 全華圖書公司。, Sep. 2018
2018 2018
2017  , Nov. 2017
2017 Journey to 5G: Embracing the Ultimate User Experiences of Next Generation Mobile Broadband, 978-986-85228-1-7, Aug. 2017
2017 2017
2017 2017
2016 Backhauling / Fronthauling for Future Wireless Systems, Dynamic Enhanced Inter-cell Interference Coordination Strategy with Quality of Service Guarantees for Heterogeneous Networks, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 978-111-91-7034-1, Feb. 2019
2016  , Nov. 2016

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, Apr. 2016