Fruit researchers unveil new ‘green jade guava’ that grows well in summer (2020/07/01)

  • 2020-07-01
  • Yinung Chen
The guava is one of Taiwan's favorite fruits, but have you noticed that it's hard to get a good one at the height of summer? Producing a guava that grows well through the hot months has long been a conundrum for Taiwan's farmers. But now agricultural researchers have unveiled a new variety that's plump and juicy even in July. Farmers are hoping the new "green jade guava" will be a hit.

In the sunshine this guava looks especially green and glowing. It’s the first commercial harvest season of the green jade guava.

Tai Shun-fa
Agricultural research expert
The quality of the fruit is exceptional. They’re fragrant, crispy and sweet. A perfect balance of sweet and tangy. And they’re 10 or 20% bigger than the pearl guava.

Ninety-five percent of guavas on the market are the pearl variety, but the green jade guavas are rounder, fatter, and more of a milky white color. They’re expected to sell for NT$10 more per kilo than the pearl.

They’re easier to grow too, and withstand extremes of weather better, resulting in 20% bigger yields. The bad summer harvest problem has vanished.

Tai Shun-fa
Agricultural research expert
Overall the project has taken about 10 years. The tricky thing is that once you’ve cultivated the variety, you need to market it. Right now we’ve decided to find a farmer to award the rights to.

The Kaohsiung Agricultural Research and Extension Station has awarded the rights to the variety to fruit farmer Pan Lien-chin, who will grow the fruit in bulk and sell its seedlings.

Pan Lien-chin
Fruit farmer
It was amazing, that they’d produced such great fruit in the middle of summer. I’m working through all kinds of difficulties, with cultivating the seedlings, and managing the whole growing cycle. I’m new to guavas. But the experts are helping me get up and running as quick as possible in just one year.

The green jade guava is already nicknamed “Queen of the Summer” for its heat resilience, and 200 kilos have been ordered for export to Hong Kong. With Taiwan’s guava market worth NT$5 billion, there’s plenty of room for the green jade to grow.