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From the analyses of technical research, industrial development and market demand,
it reveals that the industries of intelligent robots, intelligent vehicles and system on chip (SoC)
are top industries to drive the next wave of economic growth.
None of advanced country who doesn’t proactively integrate the powers of industry,
government and academia, hoping to come out on top in this technology race
to win the next decade's economic boom.
The IECE (Institute of Electrical Control Engineering) engaged in research in the related fields
for a long time, and gains substantial achievement in recent years.  We were honored repeatedly
in each competition. We will continuously devote ourselves to the related research in the future
and will demonstrate our achievements to the world. It will quicken the pace of upgrading industries
and promoting national economy to achieve win-win-win situation among industry, government
and academia.

For long term development, the technologies of biomedicine and green energy will be the stars of
future industries.  Currently, IECE arranges the researches in the fields of bio-electrical engineering
and green energy technology by integrating the techniques of chip design, neuroscience, robotics
and electronics technology, and lays out the development of future industries in these fields.
We have an intense desire for founding a game-changing opportunity for the next generation.